The vineyard comes first.

The Bible tells us that, after the Great Flood wiped out the rest of mankind, the first thing that NOAH did was plant a vine, which only with time and patiently loving care for both the plant and the soil would produce grapes and wine.
The way man should behave towards the earth was written more than 2000 years ago. Very few people have responsibly embraced these instructions. The moment I bought Cascina Giovinale, I immediately acquired this sense of responsibility.

Life to the land.

Vineyard management at Cascina Giovinale is geared towards environmental sustainability. We use no herbicides and encourage grassing between the rows, which improves the rooting of the vines. The knowledge that healthy soil is vital soil and that the energy from the soil passes on to the wines, combined with the desire to create wines that are healthy as well as good, has guided my way of considering the earth as the most valuable asset.

Sustainability is our top priority and the winery is equipped with a system of solar panels to cover our energy requirements.

Respect for the vintages.

My work in the cellar respects and enhances the fruit of the vintage. Each vintage is different, with its own characteristics, and consequently each wine is unique. I take a minimalist approach to operations in the cellar, pursuing balance and using wood to create a harmonious result, never invasive or overpowering. Fermentation takes place with the yeasts present on the grapes following application of the pre-harvest technique. We only filter the must if absolutely necessary. The cleanliness and air-conditioning of the vinification of the cellar’s ageing rooms are of paramount importance.

Expression of the terroir.

My wines are terroir wines, representing the Nizza and Barbera d’Asti production zones. The grapes that I grow achieve their finest expression in these soils and the wines that are made from them tell of the characteristics of a land and an ancient tradition. Managing and tending vineyards in this area means protecting the land and preserving its traditions and culture.

Cultural wealth.

I see making wine as a matter of responsibility towards the land of my origins, a land rich in tradition and culture. The role of wine plays an extremely important role in the process of protecting the landscape which led to the recognition of this part of the Monferrato as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Farming knowledge is handed down through time thanks to the evolution of the techniques used in the field and in the cellar and characterises the area’s entire economic history.

Social commitment.

Pursuing my goals and desires, I have followed the path taken in the 90s that led to the setting up of the Associazione Produttori Nizza in 2002, for which I actively participated in the drafting of the Statute and Regulations.
Thanks to the constant commitment of the Association and its members, the new NIZZA DOCG appellation for wines produced in the area of the Association was recognised in 2014.
I served on the first Board as Vice-President and have always been a member of the Association’s bodies. Today I continue to believe in the strength that comes from the shared commitment of all our members to the Association’s success.

The empty bottle.

In every bottle of Cascina Giovinale we find the philosophy of a terroir and the man who believes in it, the traditions of the Monferrato region and my values. The empty bottle represents the wine waiting to be bottled, the hard work involved in filling that bottle along with the time invested. At the same time, it represents the appreciation by the consumer who orders one of my bottles and empties it at the table.

The full glass.

Conviviality, friends gathered around a table spending a carefree moment together: the full glass, the sound of voices rising along with laughter, and good food. When I started making wine, it was mostly for my friends. They were the people I would allow to taste it first, filling their glasses. It was with them that I drank. This world has given me the opportunity to meet new friends who love to have their glasses filled with my wine. The unifying spirit and aggregating power of wine are two of my favourite things!